The ancient magic falls again on this land, with the intense spirits of Ice and Fire to embrace the ode to the glory of the world!

Lone wolf is lingering and sneaking around in the neighborhoods, scouting for his poor human prey...

The lone hunter gallops on the western wilderness, chasing the wanted criminals, and punishing the evil to win the prize.

Three gangs are plotting a flawless crime plan...

Set in an attic full of magic and power, the secret matrix is sprinkling a touch of mystery from afar...

Under the layers of mystical stones lie the ancient carvings of civilized symbols! It is a historical miracle...

In the dark forest, witches are gathering around and having a bonfire party,

May players a happy new year and a prosperous winning gameplay experience! 

Set yourself free and navigate in a spaceship to feel the boundless universe!

This game revolves around the burning-blooded heroes from the Three Kingdoms, in the great Battle of Red Cliffs. 

Wealthy God Arriving brings good luck and fortune to you!

Another Chinese themed game is based upon the classic tale of a tough hero fighting barehanded with a ferocious tiger!

A journey to the West gathers together 3 disciples to follow an eminent monk from Tang Dynasty!

What a heart-ripping love story between the white snake and the kind-hearted doctor!

Four holy beasts carry bags of coins and treasures from ancient afar...

Ready to party? Rock and Roll like you’ve never rocked before!

In the mysterious deep ocean, a group of wondrous creatures swim all the way here to sell for a good prize!

Unleash the beasts!!! Care to be the audience of a circus show that presents you with the craziest trained animals?

A Letter of Challenge “Street Dance Battle” coming through from the backstreet Hiphopmen! 

Ninjas are planning for a secret assassination! A lucrative deal awaiting ahead...

This year’s Christmas is approaching... See our festive Santa together with the Christmas girl is dropping gifts down from chimney to chimney again! 

Peony Pavilion remains a mystery until four heavenly beauties ensconce themselves there... 

Grand Opening Sale!!! Our candy store downtown is opening up today and come for a free taste...

Liyuan Grand Theatre is putting on a play today and an eminent master of Sichuan Opera Face-Changing is said to come with prizes...

Strange and gruesome sounds are heard every night in an ancient castle on the outskirts of Turin, Italy. 

It’s been five months since the outbreak of the zombie virus... 

A murder occurred in a lodge in the suburbs of London, England...

A cloud of smoke is floating over Asgard at dusk...

Hisss, Whossh and sputtering...the firecrackers outside make deafening sounds and every new year at this moment, many people are visiting relatives from door to door!

Along the grove in the west side is a newly-built pet house.

No one is in the streets of Causeway Bay in the middle of the night, and a group of hooligans is planning to rob a bank here, but everything seems surprisingly calm!

The yearly Hunter Carnival is around the corner and the elves have formed into two teams to compete with each other!

The five-yearly World Boxing Championship has reached its final stage, and the fierce battle between two sides has been in full swing for several hours!!!

The ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile is flourishing, with huge amounts of wealth accumulated!

An invitation from the millionaire!

A famous hotpot restaurant located in the alley of Chengdu City is crowded with hotpot lovers!

The most prestigious magic show in town is on tonight, and everyone can't wait to see the unexpected performances given by the famous Magician!

A space warship takes players into boundless space to explore the unknown universe and an unprecedented dangerous signal on a large scale has been detected...

Easy Rider, ready? GO!!!

In the urban alley sits a restaurant that only opens late at night...

Join us and experience the scenic landscape and premium train service!

Myth has it that Queen Mother of the West is resting here in the mysterious Changbai Mountain, with countless treasures and golds!

Join us in a trip to the fascinating France, where you’re presented with the unique romance and passion felt in this land, as well as the charm of Eiffel Tower.

Luckily Aladdin meets with the powerful Genie, with whose help he lives a happy life ever after...

The game brings players into a world (Jianghu) of Kungfu chivalry where favors are returned and scores are settled; where beauties and heroes compose their own long-lasting romantic stories!

Bob Garden has just survived the zombies and now a new enemy - insects in cute disguise - is eating the plants again!

Hundreds of thousands of alchemists dedicate their lifetime to exploring and researching this mysterious unknown substance!

Adventurous explorers force deep into the gruesome forests, and even the most ferocious creatures couldn’t stand in their way.

Here we are gathering merrily merrily in a circus, where old school training method doesn’t work but hammering on those cute animals will definitely help to clear your bummer!

In the turbulent period of Three Kingdoms, General Guan Yu and his enemy Dong Zhuo were standing on the wall of Tiger-Wolf Pass, firmly staring at each other...

“Woww, a magic bean seed, I’ll take it back and nurture it...” Young Jack mumbles, “

We have released the newest addition to our game portfolio, Mystic Museum, an exciting exploration set in this wondrous museum, where events of strangeness make their appearance at night.

Join our friendly staff at our newly opened Downtown Diner. With a multitude of dishes served with different prizes.

Join us for this legendary battle between 3 kingdoms for the control of this mythical realm.

Ahoy Matey, Join our blood thirsty pirates in an exciting quest for riches and plunder.

Well met Lords and Ladies, join us for an epic historical battle. In this medieval themed game with knights fighting for king and glory.

Join the 3 deities Fu, Lu and Shou as they let the players take part of a journey guaranteed to bring them prosperity, status and longevity.

Join our hero as he battles true a multitude of enemies, while he travel through the world in his search for glory.

In this excellent game based on Chinese mythology, your customers can enjoy the luck of the Chinese Dragon and the Phoenix will take them on a royal journey through the Free Game mode.

Join us in this Chinese themed game, based on a famous 16th century novel.

Looking for a thrilling action adventure?
Discover our unique and innovative CASINO GAMES
Looking for a thrilling action adventure?
Discover our unique and innovative CASINO GAMES